now on podcast

I am pleased to announce that is now available on podcast.  Each week I will be sharing five of my previous messages post and you will have an opportunity to hear them in my own words, straight from the heart.  They are currently being distributed amongst all the podcast sites (iTunes, google, etc.) and … Continue reading now on podcast

Is your door always open?

How lucky are we that have or had parents and grandparents that have done exactly this for us? Those that have provided that safe haven that gives us a place to escape from the reality and pressure of the world. A place that allows us to travel back in time, relive moments of our childhood … Continue reading Is your door always open?

Keep the stones in your pocket

If you ever wondered how I figure out what my message for the day is going to be I can tell you that many times it comes from one of you. Something you said, one of your posts, or a message you have sent triggers something inside of me that allows me to share with … Continue reading Keep the stones in your pocket

Yes and no are powerful words

This weekend I was thinking about just how powerful we are as individuals. As much is it doesn't feel like it sometimes, we are the ones that are in total control of our life. Two simple words are all that we need to control our destiny, alter our life path and keep us on the … Continue reading Yes and no are powerful words

Is your life collection in balance?

As we go through life we are often afforded the opportunity to collect things or moments that contribute to a full and satisfying life. Many people choose things because they believe that is what makes them happy. Others choose to collect moments that create memories that last a life time. At the end of the … Continue reading Is your life collection in balance?

Our life journey needs no explanation

When I saw this quote, the first thing I thought of was how many times I have felt the need to explain to others my personal journey. However, no matter how hard I tried, they just did not get it. Often I would make alterations to my life course to try and please others, which … Continue reading Our life journey needs no explanation

A personal note from Ron

As we fast approach the third anniversary of the Bring Smiles to Seniors program, I am amazed at what we have been able to accomplish together. With one senior community we started a movement that would span all 50 states and beyond in a very short amount of time. Delivery of 7,719 cards in our … Continue reading A personal note from Ron