Serving is leadership

One of life's true gifts is the ability to serve. Having the opportunity to take care of others and work hard to make their lives a little better than what they are experiencing is something that enhances our own lives. Learning to be able to give back to the community rather than always taking prepares … Continue reading Serving is leadership

Telling not just showing is important

As we go through life, people come in and out of our lives along the way. Some seem to stick and others are there just for a fleeting moment, serving their purpose for the time. It is truly amazing that along the way we build this cadre of people that seem to always be a … Continue reading Telling not just showing is important

We are all worthy of love

It is unfortunate that today we have to search to find love and compassion. In the 24 hour news cycle that thrives on presenting us all the bad news of the day, we have to search to find any story of good, which is often presented in the last two minutes of the nightly broadcast. … Continue reading We are all worthy of love

Laughter is medicine

Most people will tell you that when I was growing up as a kid I was really funny. I can remember driving down the road with my family and I would either say something, or do something crazy that would have everyone in stitches. This was especially true when I was in the company of … Continue reading Laughter is medicine

The Courtney and Russ moment

Something special happened this weekend that warmed the heart and certainly helped strengthen my face in humanity. One can only understand the importance and power of this moment when you have encountered or interacted with a an individual like my niece Courtney who has Down's Syndrome. I have had the privilege of being part of … Continue reading The Courtney and Russ moment

One of my favorite values that my company that I work for lives by is "the future is bright". Through innovation and team work there is nothing that we can not accomplish together and tomorrow always brings another opportunity for something great. Such is the same in our personal lives. Every morning is a clean … Continue reading

We are in control of our destiny

We are born with a clean slate with the possibility to become anything that we want to be. Along the path of life we try, succeed and fail until we become the person that we are destined to be. However, I do not believe that that destiny is pre-ordained. While there are aspects of our … Continue reading We are in control of our destiny