Believe in yourself and exceed your imagination

How often do we find ourselves supporting and believing in other people on a regular basis? Someone has a set a goal that you help them achieve. Someone is striving to accomplish something and we prop them up and support them to help make their dream a reality. People share their talents and we support … Continue reading Believe in yourself and exceed your imagination

Set, achieve, amaze

Several times in my past posts I have referred to the importance of setting goals. They are necessary part of creating a path to success and they help us navigate the road that is required to achieve that which we desire. Being successful in our pursuit gives us the strength we need to set new … Continue reading Set, achieve, amaze

From ordinary to extraordinary

Yesterday, I was watching CBS News in the morning and caught a story that was done on college students who are homeless. Individuals who came from varied backgrounds, many that had never had a family member that went to college, getting what assistance they could to make a better life for themselves. These were students … Continue reading From ordinary to extraordinary

Your mind will believe you

Our minds are clever things. They are the one thing in our life that will always listen when we speak to it. It is always on, always receiving and willing to take in what ever we want to feed it. What it gets fed is totally up to us. It is that food that shapes … Continue reading Your mind will believe you

Yes, mistakes can be good

No one is harder on us than ourselves when it comes to making mistakes. Over and over we beat ourselves up for making errors and not doing things right the first time. Whether we have had instilled in us a need to be perfect through our upbringing or we have just learned on our own … Continue reading Yes, mistakes can be good

Choosing to be happy

There are times in our life that no matter how hard we try to be truly happy, it seems to constantly elude us and we never seem to quite get there. That happiness that we so desire seems truly out of reach and we continue to stay in our mire because it all seems just … Continue reading Choosing to be happy

Some memories can not be replaced

As we go through life we start to build a cache of memories from the time we are born. The things we do, the people we meet and the situations we encounter all start to form a memory box in our mind that we often access in times of need and sadness. We create good … Continue reading Some memories can not be replaced